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Hi there everyone,

due to some electrical work in the server room, there will be disconnects tomorrow between 2 pm and 4 pm. We will have to shut off our servers beforehand and boot them back up some time afterwards. We expect downtime to be about half an hour. Please don't write us an email at 3 pm if your internet connection doesn't work. 

The work is due to some features we want to be realising soon. 

If anything is out of the ordinary we will inform you here as well. 



Hallo alle zusammen,

aufgrund einiger elektrischer Arbeiten im Serverraum wird es morgen zwischen 14.00 und 16.00 Uhr zu Verbindungsabbr├╝chen kommen. Wir m├╝ssen unsere Server vorher abschalten und einige Zeit sp├Ąter wieder hochfahren. Wir rechnen mit einer Ausfallzeit von etwa einer halben Stunde. Bitte schreibt uns keine E-Mail um 15 Uhr, wenn Eure Internetverbindung nicht funktioniert.
Die Arbeiten sind aufgrund einiger Features, die wir in K├╝rze realisieren wollen.
Wenn etwas nicht stimmt, informieren wir Euch auch hier.


icons8 Calendar Plus 100

Hey everybody, 

just a quick info for you: We want to communicate events better to you, so we made a public calendar for you to look at. From now on we will publish events also there, so you can take a look at our website or integrate the calendar on your device. 


Hey guys, 

just as a quick notice: RWTH Weathermap is currently not reflecting the actual state of the network. 

RWTH Weathermap

The network is not down, but there were some changes which are not updated yet. See also:

Here is a short reminder about which of the three WiFis we provide is the right one for a device:



icons8 Multiple Devices 100


This is for your personal devices. Do not login friends'/guests' devices here! Anything you own and cannot be connected to this network will use the Legacy WiFI (below)



icons8 School Backpack 100


This is only for friends' and guests' devices. It uses the same login like the one above, but is not allowed to be used on the devices you own



RAMNET Legacy   icons8 Joystick 100 

Any device in this network has to be explicitly allowed by our staff. Use it only for Printers/Playstations/Xbox/Chromecasts/FireTVs and those kind of devices. Open a ticket at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! to get the key and grant access to a device.


Any device which is not using the correct network

may automatically get blocked

 until it is using the correct network.


If a device has connectivity issues take a look at my.ram and see if there is a message for it.

If you have questions feel free to contact us - we will be pleased to help.

Hey there everybody. 

As promised here are the Survey Results for our User Survey for this semester. Comments are edited out as announced, and we added averages when deemed useful. Here is a link to our last published results if you want to compare them.

We would like to thank everybody who participated.  

Ergebnisse Section 1

Ergebnisse Section 2

Ergebnisse Section 3

Ergebnisse Section 4