Serverraum KlimaanlageC 02 logoMost of you probably don’t know, but for the last two years we wanted to have air conditioning in our server room. Not only because in the summer it can get pretty unworkable in there with up to 40 °C, those temperatures are also not good for hard drives, processors and for a battery backup. Three years ago in the summer there was a power outage in the ram. Our servers really don’t cheer when they are cut off from their power supplies, so we thought of getting a battery backup. But as mentioned batteries don’t take heat too kindly and only live half as long as they should, which is pretty bad considering you really need them when you are not expecting a power outage.


To cut a long story short we really needed air conditioning. Unfortunately there were a lot of delays with different things, but in the last month we finally got the ball rolling and everything kind of happened in a blink. For that we’d like to thank Dr. Vossen, again Elektro Franken, our facility manager, Dimitrij and last but not least Bücken GmbH, who installed our AC unit.


This was also the reason why there was no internet on Tuesday morning to afternoon. Mr. Bücken and one of his associates came in the morning, drilled two big holes through walls, and installed the AC unit in our server room and the split unit on the outside, which some of you may have already seen. We are now keeping IT cool.


So thank you, Bücken GmbH. We are now looking at installing an UPS for better outage safety.


Here are some impressions of the instalment.


photo 2016 03 02 17 19 50


Klimaanlage Aussen close B


Klimaanlage Aussen far A


Serverraum KlimaanlageC 02