cat likes routersYou know our stance on Routers. Recently we finally found a way to support them. Tomorrow (Tuesday) admin staff will be available between 4 pm to 8 pm in G-Raum (community room) just for you.

You will have the opportunity to bring your Routers (if they do yet not air the RAMNET WiFi) and get them configured for our network. Also you will receive direct support if somethings wrong with the config immediately. This is your best chance to hop on to the new network. In case you didn't know about our new system there is a news link here. We also have a positive list of routers here which already worked.


Some of you are getting moved to the new system tomorrow anyways, so if you have trouble moving over you can come as well.


As a side note: Everyone will be ported eventually, so this would be a good opportunity to get moved over on your own accord. So come see us!