Today we are announcing a beta test, which includes the upgrade of every ethernet (cable) connection from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s - so 10x the possible speed! Some of you asked for it in the survey we did earlier this year. We will be trying to keep it this way for one week from now on and then evaluate the situation and look into a permanent upgrade.


It will not change anything about WiFi (WiFi was never limited by us). Please note that even if we provide 1Gbit/s at the network sockets in your apartments by now you will still have to have compatible hardware. That means a modern network card/pc/laptop. You will most likely not get the highest speeds if you have a router connected. 99% of all routers we see in the dormitory can only handle 100Mbit/s and therefore limit the speed back down to 100Mbit/s. It might be a good time for you to disconnect your router (if it was not setup by us), use RAMNET WiFi (if possible) for the wireless clients and connect your computer directly with a cable to the network socket and benefit from this huge speed improvement.


Most servers on the internet are not even able to serve data at that high speeds. So when you are stuck at 200/300Mbit/s it might be the server on the other end. You can run a speedtest at or at if that isn't working to capacity.


This is what to expect on average:

speedtest net 


Technical info:

  • We are offering 1Gbit/s full duplex, so up- and downstream
  • Downstream is 32x faster than average DSL
  • Upstream is 500x faster than average DSL
  • We only have 1Gbit/s Uplink to the ITC (IT Center RWTH), so if anyone abuses this situation and limits other tenants connection we will limit specific devices