The information below is old, please check out this post for the latest info: UPDATE | ACCESS POINTS NOW WITH CABLE CONNECTION


If you never read a message here, you should at least read this one:

We want to optimize our WiFi network. For that we need to know if you need your cable connection in your apartment. The access points we deploy will require your only LAN port. That means that if we put an access point in your apartment you will only be able to connect wirelessly, at least for now. The WiFi will be very - very good, but you won't be able to connect by cable.


Warning Shield 100It is very important for you to tell us if you need your cable connection. If you have a PC which has no WiFi card: We will give you an USB WiFi Adapter if you like. If you already have an access point/router, you will also need to submit your preference.

So once again, if you really need a cable connection, tell us on the following site, or we might come to your apartment to give you an AP and then that's a lot of work for both of us. If you want to get an access point, tell us there aswell please.


Please go to:


We will first try to deploy access points where people said they want one, then at places where people have not submitted their preference. So, take part!