Hi everybody,Translation 96


as some of you may know, we recently introduced a new sign up system. You can find it under https://my.ram.rwth-aachen.de/register
From here on out, every new member will go through this page to pre-register with ramnet. You can fill in the form even before you are in the ram.


To make it easier for everyone, and to help new members understand the form (and moving along possibly more forms), we want to translate it. Unfortunately we only speak German and Englisch, but some of you speak other languages as well.

If you want to help new members with a translated version of our pre-registration you can help us here:




Oneskyapp is a crowdsource translatation contribution website where we put text snippets waiting to be translated. The snippets are currently in Englisch, if you need the German version we can provide them to you, even though they are a 1 to 1 translation.


Right now those are some of the languages on the table:


and two kinds of Chinese.


If you think your language is missing we can add it.


Also if you don't feel like translating you can rate existing translations. The site has an approval system for submitted translatations.

So please help us. we want to make it easier for everybody! You had problems with understanding the sign up? We want to fix that!

Also: It's not a lot of text right now. Maybe 15 minutes of work if one person does it alone!