dell r610 nat1Today we start improving our core infrastructure. We are expanding to 10 gigabit internal switching speed, because we noticed some drops at around 500-600Mbit/s during the "prime time".


There woun't be any downtime for now. We are preparing the servers and putting the things together.



Technical part

Read on if you are interested ;)


intel x520 1

We expand by two Dell R610 servers, each 2x 3,6Ghz Quadcores using 32GB RAM and talking to our main 

infrastructure with dual 10 gigabit (fiber) line speed. We will run them in a failover setup (just like the currently virtualized routers) such that there is no downtime if a cable, power supply, CPU or even an entire server fails.


We hope to provide full synchronous 1Gbit/s ethernet links in the apartments after our upgrade.