We migrated to an even better way of keeping your passwords save (technical details below). Unfortunately you will need to overwrite your account password at my.ram to keep access to new services that we publish soon.

That means, log in and put in the same or a different password in the account pasword field. You do not need to alter the wifi password. If you do, please change it on your devices aswell.

Please take a minute and do that now.

Everyone not having overwritten or set a new password within a week will get an notification from us to ensure that you stay connected to the network.

set password

Technical details:

You might wonder why we need you to reenter your password when we already "have" it? Well, we do not really have it, we hashed it. That means the we are not able to display your password and thus are not able to provide it as input to the new hashing function which we use. Some of you did already reset your password, but overall there are a lot users who would lose access if we simply switch to the new method now. We don't want to wait months until everyone has somewhen access to the new method. So please login and set the account password now.