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Due to winter vacation there will be no office hours on December 27th, 2016 and January 3rd, 2017. 

Today is this years last office hours.

Please plan accordingly.

Happy Holidays!

 Aufgrund der Winterferien fällt die Anmeldung am 27.12.2016 und am 03.01.2017 aus. 

Heute sind also die letzten Bürozeiten des Jahres.

Bitte plant entsprechend!

Fröhliche Feiertage!

dell r610 nat1Today we start improving our core infrastructure. We are expanding to 10 gigabit internal switching speed, because we noticed some drops at around 500-600Mbit/s during the "prime time".


There woun't be any downtime for now. We are preparing the servers and putting the things together.



Technical part

Read on if you are interested ;)


intel x520 1

We expand by two Dell R610 servers, each 2x 3,6Ghz Quadcores using 32GB RAM and talking to our main 

infrastructure with dual 10 gigabit (fiber) line speed. We will run them in a failover setup (just like the currently virtualized routers) such that there is no downtime if a cable, power supply, CPU or even an entire server fails.


We hope to provide full synchronous 1Gbit/s ethernet links in the apartments after our upgrade.


Hi everybody,Translation 96


as some of you may know, we recently introduced a new sign up system. You can find it under
From here on out, every new member will go through this page to pre-register with ramnet. You can fill in the form even before you are in the ram.


To make it easier for everyone, and to help new members understand the form (and moving along possibly more forms), we want to translate it. Unfortunately we only speak German and Englisch, but some of you speak other languages as well.

If you want to help new members with a translated version of our pre-registration you can help us here:


Oneskyapp is a crowdsource translatation contribution website where we put text snippets waiting to be translated. The snippets are currently in Englisch, if you need the German version we can provide them to you, even though they are a 1 to 1 translation.


Right now those are some of the languages on the table:


and two kinds of Chinese.


If you think your language is missing we can add it.


Also if you don't feel like translating you can rate existing translations. The site has an approval system for submitted translatations.

So please help us. we want to make it easier for everybody! You had problems with understanding the sign up? We want to fix that!

Also: It's not a lot of text right now. Maybe 15 minutes of work if one person does it alone!


Hi everybody, Add User Male 96


we want to introduce you to our new registration process. Most of you already signed on (and don't have to do it again), but you can tell a new tenant who wants to become a ramnet member how to register or show them this news post:


Form 96

We put all forms on a website: 

You can access this site from everywhere in the world. So you can pre-register even before you moved in to ram. The site is also mobile-friendly.


The forms haven't changed much, but we also added an e-mail verification process. Front Desk 96

Once one is finished with filling all the forms, we will print them out during office hours and you will only have to sign them. This way everything is much faster.


So tell everyone who wants to know how to register: go to and sign up!


(The site will also be available to new members during office hours, but we would prefer if everyone would fill it out before rather than during office hours.)


Hallo alle miteinander,

 Add User Male 96

wir wollen Euch unsere neue Anmeldung vorstellen. Die meisten von Euch sind zwar schon angemeldet (und müssen das auch nicht nochmal machen), aber wir wollen, dass Ihr den neuen Prozess kennt, falls Euch mal jemand fragt, der Mitglied werden möchte könnt Ihr das erklären oder auf diesen Post verweisen:



Form 96

Wir haben alle Formulare auf diese Seite ausgelagert: 

Die Seite ist weltweit verfügbar. Hier kann man sich vorregistrieren, selbst wenn man noch nicht in der ram wohnt oder zur Uni geht. Die Seite ist außerdem mobil optimiert.



Die Formulare haben sich nicht groß geändert, wir haben nur zum Beispiel eine E-Mail Verifikation eingebaut.Front Desk 96

Nachdem das Formular ausgefüllt wurde landet es bei uns, wo wir es dann während der Bürozeiten ausdrucken und unterschreiben lassen. Dadurch geht alles schneller während der Anmeldung.


Also sagt jeder Person, die sich gerne anmelden möchte: ab zu und vorregistrieren!


(Es besteht weiterhin die Möglichkeit während der Bürozeiten die Formulare auszufüllen, wir würden es aber bevorzugen, wenn das schon vor der Anmeldung passieren würde, um die Anmeldung zu beschleunigen.)

We are upgrading our backend to a more robust one. If you are noticing you are not able to login to your cloud storage at cloud.ram anymore, please go to my.ram and reset your account password (can be the same like the your previous one).