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Elektro FrankenToday went over pretty smoothly, considering our announcement of no Internet today. We were able to bridge our electricity, so our servers could continue to run and provide you with an internet connection. Just for a short while this morning there was a short disconnect. 


Our mechanics from Elektro Franken installed a new distribution box in our server room, some new power lines and a lot of fuses for a safer electrical setup of our server and in preparation for the air conditioning, which should be installed early march. 






We would like to thank Elektro Franken, and their team, our facility manger, and Dimitrij for the work and effort they provided. We now have a better documented, safer power grid, which makes future endeavours easier. 

Everyone from House 152, don't buy one, get an awesome one for free, from us! Read here.


Known working models:

Prices are current estimates.

  • <BEST> TP-Link Archer C20i {93Mbit/s} [33€]
  • TP-Link Archer C2 {90Mbit/s} [66€]
  • TP-Link Archer C7 {100Mbit/s} [90€]
  • TP-Link WR740N (slow) [15€]
  • TP-Link WR800N (slow) [20€]
  • TP-Link WR841ND (even version 10!) (slow) {30Mbit/s} [18€]
  • TP-Link WR842ND
  • TP-Link WR941ND
  • TP-Link WR1043ND {50Mbit/s} [50€]
  • TP-Link WDR3600 {70Mbit/s}
  • TP-Link WDR4300 {80Mbit/s}
  • EasyBox 602/802
  • D-Link 524
  • FWR150
  • Edimax EW7416AP
  • Linksys Cisco WR54G2 {30Mbit/s}
  • Buffalo N300G {30Mbit/s}
  • Probably most of all TP-Link Routers!


Just bring them to us, and we check them really quick. Please reset the router to factory defaults before doing so.


Definitely not working:

  • TP-Link WR340G/+
  • TP-Link WR842N
  • TP-Link W700N
  • Any FritzBox
  • Speedport W700V
  • Netgear WNR2000
  • Netgear WNR2200



We may have found a solution for our 841 v10 problems. And many other problems as well.

If you have a TP Link 841 or any other (recent) TP Link WiFi Router we may be able to configure them. They just need to have a german or an englisch GUI (we also succeeded with chinese GUI)! And they need to be relatively new. Other brands may work as well.


Technical details: They need to have WPA2-Enterprise,  RADIUS function.


Just contact us or visit us next Tuesday and we might be able to set up your Router for our WiFi. You even might be able to do the steps yourselve with a little supervision from us as well. 

cat laptopRecently we noticed some of you are using an unusually large amount of devices at the same time in our network. We are talking about 8 to 10 devices. That is a lot for one person. Technically you are able to register an unlimited number of devices. But we want to remind you of one specific detail:


Those registered devices need to be yours. And yours alone. Sharing your account information with someone who lives here on a permament basis is forbidden. Every person who wants to have an internet access through our association needs to be a member. Although we tolerate your short term visitors (up to a week) using your account, we want to reiterate that every resident needs to register. 


Right now we are only observing, in the near future we will start contacting you if necessary.



Finally. We now provide free WiFi! All accounts are now able to connect.


It's called RAMNET and you connect to it with your username and password from the data sheet.

When you connect for the very first time, have a little patience.


wifi cat

WiFi is part of the new, faster and way more secure network we built. Every device is protected by our giant firewall cluster. Now you will no longer need to set any IP, you will only need your account. You can use as many devices as you want and use as much bandwidth as there is.


We now support password changes. Head over to my.ram and change it there. Drop us a mail (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) if you lost your data sheet. You can find a map of all access points here. We will keep upgrading and placing new APs, Gigabit WiFi (802.11ac).


We will continue upgrading old unsecure network ports in the apartments so eventually everyone can benefit from the new secure infrastructure. So this upgrade will also enhance your cable driven connections (finally DHCP).

Hallo alle miteinander, 

Aus persönlichen Gründen fällt die Anmeldung an folgenden Tagen aus:




LETZTER TERMIN im Dezember ist also am 22.12.2015, und ERSTER Termin im neuen Jahr am 12.01.2016. Falls jemand auszieht und sich abmelden möchte, bitte dringend darauf achten!


Frohe Feiertage,

Der Kassenwart


Hello everyone,

Due to personal reasons, there will BE NO OFFICE HOURS on the following dates:


LAST TIME in December is the 22nd, FIRST TIME in the new year will be on January 12th. So everyone who wants to move out, please keep this in mind!


Happy Holidays

The treasurer