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First take a look at a newer news post, we will update this one in a bit.


Yes. You are about to get a WiFi router?

If you are already part of the new and more secure network, we are currently building, you might have heard, that WiFi routers have to be configured by us to work properly.



Everyone from House 152, don't buy one, get an awesome one for free, from us! Read here.

If you are about to get a new router we recommend you buying one of the following:

(We can setup both models in around half an hour)


Also compatible, but not recommended to buy:

(Setup will take longer, because the hardware is different)

  • TP-Link TL-WA830RE (AccessPoint 2.4Ghz WiFi) (unstable)


We created a little guide on how to watch ramnetTV on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Our server is compatible with a wide variety of devices, for which you can get a client here or just continue reading, we made a list for you below.


To setup the client you basically just put in the host/hostname/servername:

No username or password is required. You are allowed to record and schedule shows :)




Don't forget: ramnetTV is right now only available within the ramnet network. 





A secure https connectionWe decided to switch to https (secure web-transmission) on our website. We provided https for some time now, but now we are finally switching off unsecure communication to

What does change for you? - Nothing really, it's just tap-proof now ;)


Every unsecure connection will be automatically redirected.

Please let us know if you're having any problems accessing services -> Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Btw, mail traffic is already encrypted for a long time.

Long time no hear

You haven't head from us in a while now. But we've been busy. Read here why!

One, we were just really busy ourselves. We have some big projects coming up within ramnet, and some of us are busy learning for their exams.


Two, our newsletter took a break. We are currently looking for a way to revive it. So if any of you has some spare time on hand and a bit of a talent for writing (in English): feel free to contact us. You would have to summarize and write about the events that happened in the last month. But don’t worry, we would provide you with info about those events.


On to today’s topic: What has happened since our last update?


We’ve been upgrading our servers recently. In addition to our lonely Dell we have now another Dell sitting on top of the pre-existing one. With that we have reached a good level of high-available infrastructure. The new Dell has already work to do. It is currently running our new NAT-gates. Some may have noticed that our User count has permanently went up by about 200 clients online. So we have now corrected our graph for that. (See here:


We have also started a DHCP Server which is currently in an alpha phase. What does it do? It can give you dynamically an IP address, so you wouldn’t have to put it in yourself anymore. In that regard it works perfectly, and new members already use it. But we still have to do a lot of stuff manually which isn’t the projected functionality.
What it should do someday is, when you plug in your device you get redirected to our new user management (Go Jenni!) where you put it your User ID and your password and then you can just start surfing. We also what to provide you with your own personal network where just you can interact between all devices (e.g. printers, smart TVs, etc.) even though they are connected to our network.


Okay, so what is that all for you ask? Why change stuff although everything worked just fine? It’s for our next big project:


You heard, we are currently working on a Wi-Fi network much like eduroam for ramnet. We want to have a stable fast secure Wi-Fi network that operates throughout the RAM and we have a pretty good idea how we are going to do that.

Our main problem is, we don’t have a funny name for the network. That and the hardware we want to use isn’t out yet and it’s not that cheap. We can’t afford to put a device in every apartment but may be forced to because of what this building is made out of.

We will start beta tests in about two or three weeks. A complete rollout is not planned yet. So look out for the next mail when we start to ask for that.


In other news we are working on translating our documents to English. Those translations won’t be official and legally binding, but at least you will understand what they say. Our goal is that we will have a version of our three core documents in every language spoken here available. For that we are looking for translators. So if you speak German and/or English and a third language (fluently) then contact us, and you can help us help new members.


That’s all for today. So see you on Tuesday at 9 pm.

Until next time.

The board

Bei der Vorstandsitzung vom 07.07.2015 ist eine neue Gebührenordnung erarbeitet und beschlossen worden. Darauf weisen wir hiermit hin und machen die neue Ordnung öffentlich. 


Die neue Gebührenordnung ist hier online zu finden. Sie wird aber auch per Mail und unserer Aushang-Stelle öffentlich gemacht.


Was hat sich für euch verändert? Das Dokument ist nicht mehr im Querformat, die Kosten wurden (auf die niedrigeren Preise) angepasst. Es gibt jetzt eine gewisse Frist für den Wiedererhalt des Pfandes (, die es vorher offiziell nicht gab). Und zusätzliche Kosten für weitere IP-Adressen sind (jetzt auch offiziell) abgeschafft. 


Falls Ihr irgendwelche Fragen zu diesen Änderungen habt, schreibt uns eine Mail an Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


At our board meeting we decided on a new fee policy. With this we want to inform you and make the policy public.


The new policy is available (in german) here online. But we will send it via mail and it will be public at our server room door. 


What has changed for you? The document now has a proper layout. The costs have been corrected to the current (lower) prices. We included a grace period for your deposit (now officially). And we also removed the costs for additional IP-adresses.


If you have any questions regarding this change, contact the board at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!