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We are really sorry for any delayed mail. The ITC made our ramnet Mail available world-wide - That is great! ..Unfortunately there are still some routing problems we fixed with a workaround until they get updated.

It had been a hard piece of work but we finally made it: We're releasing our new Mailserver to the wild!

We strongly encourage everybody to upgrade his/her email configuration. Detailed How-Tos will follow.

From now on we're offering webmail access to your inbox! - See here

We have IMAP with SSL authorized by RWTH available now.


So, here are the new settings for mail:

    • Deactivate/Delete the old configuration
    • Create a new e-mail account and use IMAP
    • Server is
    • IMAP port is the default at 993 (enable SSL)
    • SMTP port is the default at 587 (enable STARTTLS)
    • make sure to enable authentification for both IMAP (receive) and SMTP (send)
    • Your username / password is on your data sheet (your.username) [contact us if lost]

and you should be good to go!


In the following days (we expect next week) the ITC will forward all ports required to let you access your ramnet mail from all around the globe. 

We're done. The new dns server at is fully functional and awaiting your requests.

It is faster, more reliable and suporting DNSSEC.